• Healthy Lifestyle

    A blog about how to be vigorous and healthy in a big city. Blog author Joann Kinney writes about nutrition, detox, movement in joy and ease. Share your knowledge, personal experience and simple vegetarian recipes, in which you will not find sugar or flour. More greens, vegetables and fruits - less pans and complexity.

  • Balance of Life

    It is worth adopting what makes us better and helps us to feel better. It doesn't matter where it comes from - from India, China or the USA. If you live where there is no sea, this does not mean that sea holidays and sea water are not useful for you. You need to be open to the new but listen to yourself. It is important to find what works best in your case.

  • The Lotus Blog

    Sweet corn, juicy tomatoes, fresh greens and tender avocados, mmm! With a fragrant lime juice and olive oil dressing, you get the perfect summer salad for outings with friends and a picnic. Corn can be baked on the grill or in the oven, and you can simply boil - in any case, it will turn out...
    March 16, 2019
    A few days ago I found a really great Instagram with lots of wonderful recipes. I really wanted to share it with you! Here are a few recipes I really liked Awesome fitness recipes Scrambled eggs, avo toast, and leftover Brussels "Two eggs scrambled in ghee + 1 slice of sprouted bread 🍞...
    I have been exploring various systems and approaches for more than ten years, I like to experiment (especially on myself!). But I certainly believe in the uniqueness of each of us. My lifestyle changes from year to year. Oops! A new project appears. Oops! I am pregnant, and a person grows inside...
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