If you just started yoga or about to start, I have some helpful advises for you

I have been practicing for six years now and every day I start (and often finish) with yoga. I have not been to India and do not read the mantra. I study with different teachers and try different directions. I continue to practice, because I like my feelings, transformations in character and body. I advise you not as a teacher, but as a practitioner.

1. Do not take yoga too seriously. In any case, this is more gymnastics than yoga in its classical sense. I often practice with Justin Timberlake or Depeche Mod, and sometimes I dance instead of meditation. I really love home yoga practices. I can just find Youtube video and repeat after the teacher. My favourite for home yoga practices is Adriene's channel.

2. Static yoga doesn't fit everyone as well as a dynamic or power yoga. Listen to yourself. Personally, I prefer a dynamic. I love to run and jump. After a good physical activity, the mood improves, it is better thought out and smiles easier. In the daily practice of yoga, I include elements of ballet and everything that I want.

3. Breathing in yoga is easier than many people think. The base is just to take a deep breath in and exhale through the nose. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, try and listen to yourself.

4. Stretching makes wonders. It soothes nerves, smoothes uneven character and helps to show flexibility in situations outside the mat.

5. Feel free to sweat. Sweating is great and good.

6. Work out at home. Even 10 or 5 minutes - and you will feel the difference. Do it while the porridge is boiled, while the husband comes home from work, while the children are sleeping.

7. If your goal is to lose weight, it will happen faster if you add brisk walking, jogging, swimming or other cardio training to yoga.

8. Close your eyes often, stopping in poses. You'll like it. Or find what feels good

9. In order not to get bored, bring something new into practice. Each time I make my own complex, changing its mood and situation, its duration and intensity. I read, watch new videos and sometimes study in a group with a teacher.

10. If you don't like the teacher - go to another yoga class. I don't like to sing mantra, so I don't go to Kundalini. If you don't like yoga - play tennis or dance.

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